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What is ODE

ODE helps you build a modern, agile data warehouse with minimal cost. ODE is an orchestration engine that stores your Data Vault metadata, executes custom-written ETL stored procedures or simple generated SSIS packages and loads the data on schedule.

Functions of ODE

Available Functions

  • Builds the Data vault and loads data into it based on the provided metadata
  • Runs loads on schedule and alerts if something goes wrong
  • Executes custom-written ETL stored procedures or generated SSIS packages to load the data from the remote data source.
Image showing the functions of ODE in a circular flow diagram. Starting from user on the left hand side going from there up is data model this goes into ODE from ODE down is Data vault  in the middle of the circle and right from ODE is Schedule right from here is Source data down is New, Raw data next is Business Rules and up form there is Prepared Data this also leads into Data Vault.

What Makes ODE Special?

  • Orchestrates one or more data vaults on one server
  • Supports incremental and parallel development
  • Supports change data capture
  • Your first Data Vault in minutes for free
  • Stored metadata includes the lineage
  • It’s open source!

What is Data Vault

Data Vault is an agile data warehousing methodology to build data warehouses. It is robust, stable and also flexible, adaptable and repeatable. Data Vault can be changed as business requirements change, whilst keeping old business rules for reporting. Find out more about data vault.
image diagram of data vault. 
On the left side is data sources this goes in to staging and/or persistent staging from there it goes into enterprise data warehouse and then into data marts. at the bottom is ODE with lines going into staging and/or persistent staging and enterprise data warehouse.
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