Add exception processing to SAS AD Synchronisation

Shane Miles
April 16, 2013

If you come across an error like this in your synchronisation log ERROR: A Person named Shane Miles already exists in this server. you may be able to delete the user from the server and rerun the process, or you may have to exclude the user from the load process.
I had the later of these two scenarios the other day.
There were two users called Shane Miles with unique account id’s and keys but they had the same name. While this maybe fine for Active Directory, SAS requires the name to be unique. After identifying the difference ( title in this case ) and deciding which user I wanted to keep I added the below code to the program.

data work.expersons;

tablename = “PERSON”;

filter = “name = ‘Shane Miles’ and title = ‘Answer Services’”;

%mducmp(master=extextr, target=mdextr, change=extrnchg, exceptions=expersons, externonly=1);

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