Adobe How to – Illustrator

Steven Morrison
April 20, 2021

Most Adobe programs have some things that are easy to do once you know how to do them, but if you don’t it’s not very intuitive so I thought I would do a list of things and tell or show you how to do them.

Paste in place

This is a very easy thing to do and can be very helpful.

The first part to this is copy the item with CTL + C

Then to paste in place you use CTL + Shift + V

Working with layers

Layers are how you can organize your file to work on sections at a time and is a good way to have a file that has many different sections overlapping. It is also a good way to have any reference images for your image separate form working layers. Layers also let you hide layers you are not working on to keep your working area cleaner. You can also lock layers so you can’t interact with that layer while working on other things in the image.

Reflect and join

This is something that I use a lot it is really good for making symmetrical objects I use this so that I don’t have to make two sides perfect instead you work on one side then duplicate it and join it together using the join tool. Easy to do and saves time when used on complex objects.

Radial Pattern

This is a simple process and one that can be used to make some really cool looking designs. It is an easy process, start by getting the center point for your rotation and using the rotation tool. If you hold Alt while setting the rotation point a tool options box will open and you can put in the rotation amount you want. Next you and to press the copy button to duplicate the item you can then push CTL + D you will use the last action again you then keep use CTL + D until the object is duplicated all around the center point.

Clipping Masks

Masks are an interesting tool to work with not something I use often but something that can be very helpful when you find the need for them.

It is as easy as getting two objects that are over lapped and right clicking then going down to make clipping mas. Using this method will turn the top object into a mask hiding any part of the bottom object that’s not covered by the top object. You can make some cool things with this one way to use it is with text.

Thats the lot for now I’ll cover more adobe programs in later blogs but for now go make something cool.


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