AWS Part One – 5 Benefits of the Cloud

Barry Stevens
October 21, 2013

Once again I have been fortunate to attend another course put on by AWS, this time it was the ‘Architecting with AWS’ Partner training which was recently held in Auckland. My next couple of blogs will introduce some parts of the course I found interesting or that I think may be helpful.
There was a good sub-section on five benefits of the cloud these are:
Abstract Resources

  • Focus on your needs, no hardware specs

On-Demand Provisioning

  • Ask for what you need, exactly when you need it; get rid of it when you don’t.

Scalability in Minutes

  • Scale out or in, up or down, depending on your usage or needs

Pay per Consumption

  • No long-term commitments. Pay for only what you use.

Efficiency of Experts

  • Utilise Skills, knowledge and resources of experts.

My Take on it:
Many projects waste a lot of time and money trying to do get the right amount of hardware to deliver their applications. If you get it wrong it can be a very expensive mistake and underutilisation (too much ‘Tin’) or a very bad experience for the user (too little ‘Tin’).
With the Cloud you may still get the initial sizing wrong. However you can auto-scale your environment based on usage at the time or can pre-configure your setup to grow/shrink during known busy/quiet periods like end of month. All this within a few minutes rather than the lead time it usually takes to get and set-up a server plus you’ll only pay for what you use. You’ll have happy users and could potentially re-invest your savings (Time and Dollars) into other projects or by making your solution more durable to allow for failure or disaster recovery.
Of course there are many other benefits as well, so if you are interested have a look what cloud can do for you.
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