AWS Redshift reading resources

Victoria Maclennan
June 3, 2014

Redshift Reading Resources

AWS provide a wealth of resources ranging from getting started guides through to detailed technical guides. Russell sent through these links after our meetup event to provide further insight:
Link to the Redshift Getting Started Guide:
Link to the Redshift User Guide:
A specific topic of discussion was Optimizing Star Schemas:
For best practices, see the following documentation in the Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide:

If you are a Tableau front end customer this whitepaper will also be of interest:
New to AWS Redshift? we have a post that provides you with A Brief Introduction to Amazon Redshift for the non-techo reader.
Redshift is a cornerstone of our MagnumBI Private Cloud BI platform, we have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with AWS and Redshift so far and are very happy to share what we have learned. Enjoy, Vic.

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