Day 3 – Sprint One done, Sprint Two started, all with mucho speedo

Esther Richardson
September 1, 2015

Day 3 – Sprint One done, Sprint Two started, all with mucho speedo

Today was the end of Sprint One, and the beginning of Sprint Two.

I have ticked off all my acceptance criteria from sprint one, and sprint two is looking like refining the data, learning new software, and creating a storyboard for the tale I am looking to tell.

I have to say, I am quite intrigued by this Agile planning process. It is a really quite a useful way of providing firm guidelines to produce outputs with the flexibility to reroute according to new information.  Pretty cool. And I have never used it before!

When I looked online for an image for the word ‘Agile’, there were loads. I expected them to be of people jumping, or dodging things, but the whole first page is images of the Agile work process.

Which made me think: Why haven’t I heard more of this? I worked in the project space in my government role for several years, and the most challenging part of the role was trying to use the project management methods which were completely unsuited to the development work I was doing. A few months before I left that role, using the Agile approach was suggested, and was even approved for use. I think it will a refreshing change! It does leave me to wonder what other tools our Government and our taxes are missing out on…

I am still getting my head around the completely different lingo.

I was sitting in our planning meeting, and it was mentioned that speedos weren’t the best invention, and I was thinking, totally, why guys don’t just wear board shorts? But then realised they were talking about data displays. Slightly different topic! So, I have been careful to clarify words, just to check I haven’t got completely the wrong end of the stick!

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Esther is doing a short 8 day internship (over 4 weeks) to decide if she wants to change careers from studying exotic diseases (Epidemiology) to becoming a Data Story teller.
These are her guests blogs on her experience.

Esther Richardson

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