Day 4 – data, data, acronyms and failure

Esther Richardson
September 2, 2015

Day 4 – data, data, acronyms and failure

Today was the end of sprint Two. And it was a bit of a sprint.

Things went from rather rosy, to rather not, rather quickly. Which is a lot of rather’s.

By the end of the day, it is safe to say I didn’t complete the sprint which involved using QlikCloud. Despite the oh so simple how-to video, I couldn’t quite work out why nothing was happening as I expected it. Turns out I had my data set up wrong, and had missed classifying a few columns (when I say ‘a few’, you can read that as ‘all’). And so that didn’t work out so well.

Data. Always go back to the data! But it also kinda reminded me what I like about working with data. The logical part of my brain likes all the problem solving.

So the problem to solve at present is to keep the data and story boards simple enough that the project can reach completion in the next four days, yet still say something to explore with some different graphical interpretations!

And today I learnt what CRM stands for! Customer Relationship Management…

Or was it: Crowd Resource Mapping…

Combat Readiness Medal…

Colorado Railroad Museum…

Certified Risk Manager…

Cultural Resources Management…

Cause Related Marketing…

And the list goes on. Acronyms, can’t escape them, can’t understand them, but they sure save space. If in context!

Today I did get the chance to have some very interesting conversations about the world of databases and storage. And although I know data goes somewhere, it was all very illuminating to me.

So, I started looking up infographics on flow of data from customers. Hence today’s picture!

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Esther is doing a short 8 day internship (over 4 weeks) to decide if she wants to change careers from studying exotic diseases (Epidemiology) to becoming a Data Story teller.
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