Google Analytics… Why use it?

Steven Morrison
May 18, 2021

Google Analytics

I have been using Google Analytics for a while now mostly to look at the traffic on our site. Why I have been doing this is for a few reasons one of which is just to keep the team up-to-date with our top blogs. Why I do this and why it is important will be explained in this post.

Why do I use Google Analytics?

This is an easy point to cover. I do it so that when the team is working on new blog content they can look at the top blogs we have. Using the info from Google Analytics the team can see what they can work within the topics covered. Even just having blog titles to look at and use it as a guide for titling any new blog.

Why is this important?

Using Google Analytics and taking the info and using it to make something that members for the team can glance at and use that information to help them make better choices when working on new blogs. doing this helps in things such as topics for blogs and even how to word a title for a blog. The reason why blog titles are so important is if the title is easy to google it will bring more traffic to our site and get our name out there more.

Some of the team have done blogs on Google Analytics before me. They cover some great stuff you can check out Kate’s blog on Making Sense of the data from Google Analytics and Jack’s 2 part series on Google Analytics Part 1 & Part 2 here.

I use a small part of Google Analytics and have found it to be very helpful for what I need. I would definitely recommend having a look at it yourself you never know what you can find out about your own site.

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