Graduating from a World of Orange

Nic Cox
January 11, 2016
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In my very first blog for OptimalBI I said that breaking from my comfort zone was something I would always strive to do. That blog was about me joining OptimalBI and the excitement that lay ahead. Now, one year and eight months down the track it is time for me to break my comfort zone again. This time however, I am not just changing jobs. I’m moving countries entirely and doing the very typical kiwi in their 20’s thing and relocating to London.
As I look back over the previous year and a half I realise how much I’ve learnt and grown in that time. My expectations of working at OptimalBI were greatly exceeded and in no way am I ready to leave this company, but life and travel outside work calls. After a fantastic six weeks travelling Europe in June/July earlier this year, I was caught by the travel bug. Vic may have second thoughts about letting someone take that long off to travel again, if they are going to return and almost instantly book a one way ticket back.
I like to think that I’m not actually leaving OptimalBI, but rather just taking an extended sabbatical. If they’ll have me, I’m sure at some point I’ll be back to sort out the coffee machine and complain about the beer selection. For now though, this is goodbye, and thank you Vic and Shane, and all of the OptimalBI team past and present who have helped make the previous year and eight months truly awesome!
Cheers, Nic

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Nic gets knee deep in masses of data – he transforms and combines it, to enable better reporting, create useful insights and help shape business decisions. If you let him talk, he’ll probably start rambling on about beer and running.

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