How to make an infographic

Kathryn Greenbrook
November 7, 2014

Infographics are a fun and unique way to visualise your data, but how do you make one? Here are a few things that I consider when building my infographics:
1. Who is the audience?
The first step in their creation, is to characterise the audience for the visualisation. The viewer’s requirements of the infographic will determine the type of design required – data-driven graphic design or data-driven art. Does the audience need to understand the underlying data in detail, or just the big picture?
2. What is the story?
You then need to uncover the story the data has to tell. Analytics may be required at this stage to help mine deeper into the data and highlight the real message.
3. What metrics can you use to tell the story?
When the story is revealed, the metrics need to be chosen that will best portray that message. Is only one metric required to support the message or are there multiple metrics that combine to tell the story? Are these metrics made up of multiple categories or are they dependent on a higher hierarchical metric?
4. What will it look like?
Only when you know all this information can you begin to think about the design. There are many things that are restrictive in the design of an infographic. Does it have to fit into specific dimensions? Will it be viewed on a computer screen or a large poster? Does it have to be branded? Does the data require referencing?
Developing unique design concepts, which will work with the data, can be challenging. It helps to surround yourself with collaborative, creative people that enhance the generation of your inspiration and ideas.
5. Construction
Only now, that you know who you’re presenting to, the story you’re telling, the metrics you’re using to tell the story, and how you want the graphic to look; do you begin construction.
Optimal’s infographics are built using Adobe products; Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.
With more and more online tools available to create infographics, we pride ourselves on our ability to tell the right story and present it in a unique way.
Here’s one for all you guitar players (or wannabe guitar players) – a little American Pie strumming lesson!

American Pie_v2-01

Keep it colourful – KGB

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