Pokemon or Big Data, that is the question

Victoria Maclennan
July 21, 2017

klimkin / Pixabay

If you haven’t seen it do take the “Is it Pokemon or Big Data?” Quiz. Not new but always cracks me up and a great party game. Do the quiz now before you read this blog though or you won’t find it quite as hilarious.

It’s been a while since I first took this clever quiz so thought it worth checking out what all of those Pokemon like big data products are.
Seahorse – to be honest I got this quiz question wrong. Seahorse is a visual framework for Apache Spark. A tool built by deepsense.io. Looks like they offer a nice license model which is free.
Adabas – an acronym for Adaptable DAta BAse System, Adabas is older than me (surely she says), so somewhat surprising to find this more traditional technology listed in a big data game. It seems they have an Internet of Things platform these days and are Adventuring into the Artificial Intelligence of Things.
Atlasssian – love this subtext from the quiz “Atlassian has somehow duped several software companies into thinking they need JIRA to be agile; if only we all had the agility move in real life.” I pay Atlasssian loads of $$ every month, not to make us agile, and they don’t provide us with anything I would consider Big Data worthy either.
Hadoop – finally a Big Data product Hadoop. I found this nifty non-technical explanation of what Hadoop is you might enjoy or not “Imagine you had a file that was larger than your PC’s capacity. You could not store that file, right? Hadoop lets you store files bigger than what can be stored on one particular node or server. So you can store very, very large files. It also lets you store many, many files.”
Titan – an Open Source graph database, described on their github project page as “Titan is a highly scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying large graphs with billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multi-machine cluster.” Looks like the startup behind Titan was acquired by DataStax recently (which is cool for them).
Summingbird – to be honest I got this wrong too thinking it must be a Pokemon. Seem Twitter Open Sourced their MapReduce library. Nice one Twitter.
Pangool – a Java MapReduce API, also Open Source and far too technical for me to be writing about “Pangool is an open-source implementation of what we call Tuple Map/Reduce based on the Hadoop Java MapReduce API.”
Azkaban – knowing Azkaban is from the Harry Potter world I took a punt it would be a big data term. This one from another technology giant LinkedIn who Open Sourced their Workflow Manager.
Impala – “Apache Impala (incubating) is the open source, native analytic database for Apache Hadoop.” A project I am going to be investigating further as sounds cool and is shipped on AWS.
Tokutek – makers of Open Source products Tokutek was recently acquired by Percona, their announcement talks about Tokutek’s commercialisation of Fractal Tree indexing.
This quiz could be augmented with loads of other great Pokemon like names in the Big Data world. Thanks @pixelastic for both amusing and educating us all!  Vic.

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