Real competition is a great thing

Ben Lee
April 3, 2014

In March Google announced significant drops in pricing for Cloud Storage(down 68%) and on-demand compute(down 32%). Being new to this Could world, I started to think maybe I should have a look at their cloud offerings compared to Amazon Web Services. I quickly found out that was the wrong question to be asking. What I should have been asking was how long would it take for Amazon to respond. The answer is not long at all. Effective from 1 April there are big cuts to their cloud offerings as well.


What I’ve also found out is that Microsoft have a commitment to match Amazon on prices for commodity services. So as a result they are cutting prices on compute by up to 35% and storage by up to 65%.

I get a headache looking at the different vendors pricing structures but regardless of who you use it’s an exciting time to be looking at the cloud. One of the most compelling reason anyone would look at using the cloud is cost and those cost savings have just become even more compelling. Ben.

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