SAS Admin The Basics – Part 3

Shane Miles
November 9, 2016

Hi, all you new and budding SAS administrators.

I hope you have read my other two blogs in this series, SAS Admin The Basics – Part 1 and Part 2 where I discussed creating a daily checklist and the need to have a Monthly Health Check.  Now in SAS Admin The Basics – Part 3 I’m going to list a few reports you should consider creating.
These reports could form part of your monthly health check or just put them in your back pocket for those times when you need to shine.

  1. A monthly user report listing all the user logons.  If you report the total logons each day in a line graph spread over the month you will see which days of the week / month are the busiest and if anyone is using your system in the weekend.  This information can be used to plan for outages, but is also a great tool to show management and stake holders how much the system is being used.
  2. If you created a job to archive your logs as I mention in Part 2 of my series, then you should have a report to list which logs and how many were archived / retained.
  3. My third report requires a little more work but has been a go to report for many of my managers in the past.  For each user include a set of statistics detailing what they have been working on in the last month.  e.g..
  4. Number of tables read
  5. Number of rows read
  6. Average tables created
  7. Average CPU used
  8. Number of sessions

Monthly User Summary

Shane out.

Shane Miles is a certified SAS Administrator who likes blogging about conference food.

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