Saying Bon Voyage to Foghorn

Steven Morrison
February 22, 2022

It has been a very weird few years now and a lot has changed. Lockdowns and borders being closed thanks to Covid has changed our little group of islands from an international tourist destination to a place for the locals to wander around.

The change to the amount of travelers coming in from over seas has led us to making the decision to say good to foghorn. For anyone who doesn't know what Foghorn was the OptimalBI team was located in an office that was above the cable car in Wellington and when curse ships where in port the amount of people in the area around the office could get inundated with a lot of people, this meant that some of the teams favorite places for lunch where way to packed to bother with so we made an alert system to tell us when curse ships where coming in to make our life's easier, then we opened it up to the public.

Without any curse ships coming in and that not likely to change in the coming months we have decided to shut the foghorn service down but not without showing off the amount of cruise ship visitors we could have visit Wellington.

Before Covid

Infographic showing the amount of travers coming to wellington via cures ships.
Image made by Scott Willan

As you can see the cruise ship industry was a massive section of the visitors to our fine city and believe me when I say there where weeks during the summer when I would take a different path into the office just to avoid the crowds that I knew would be there thanks to the email in the morning from foghorn.

It has helped us but it is defiantly time to say bon voyage to Foghorn.

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Steven Morrison is a design innovation grad who’s part of the team here at OptimalBI, so you’ll find him squirreling away working on stuff that helps make us look good. 

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