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Setting Up CMS With Webflow.

Steven Morrison

As I have said in another blog, we have recently changed from WordPress to Webflow this gave me a chance to set up some things for our current blog content as well as planning for the future of our content. How did I do this I hear you ask, well easily is the answer.

There has been a fair number of different styles we have gone though for our blogs over the years, this is not that unusual if you think that OptimalBI has been doing blogs for over 10 years. But this has led to me wanting to set up systems to make it easy to move forward with one style of blog especially in the end card section of the blog. The great thing about this is we had already set up a new style on WordPress all I had to was re-make it in Webflow and set things up so that its easy to use and easy to make new ones for when new team members join, this was done by setting up a CMS that holds all the info for the end card and then having a drop down for the author to select from. This is better than what we had in WordPress where each author had their own end card that could change depending on who was doing the finalising of the blog before publishing. I wanted to make sure that the system we use on Webflow is one that allows constancy no matter who authored the blog.

The end card is not the only thing that is set up different. Categories in WordPress are great and one of the few things I will miss from that platform. However now I have a CMS that holds all the categories the best thing about this is that it is easier to select the category of the blog for the author of the blog. Once more all the author has to do is select from a dropdown and that’s it.

All the changes I made to the blog process were to make sure that any new blogs made by the team are flowing the same style and the added benefits are that the blogs are a bit easier on the team.

Well that’s it for now, until next time.

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Steven Morrison is a design innovation grad who’s part of the team here at OptimalBI, so you’ll find him squirreling away working on stuff that helps make us look good. 

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