What’s new in OptimalSpyglass v1.0

Tim Gray
May 8, 2015

We have published version 1.0 of OptimalSpyglass – an Open Source tool designed to provide you with a portfolio view of resources running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here is a summary of what’s new in v1.0 with a link to download this handy tool at the end:

Security is still #1

With OptimalSpyglass v1.0 we really wanted to show users like you as accurate a view of their AWS cloud as possible, but we also wanted to retain our focus on security. So as before you will be greeted by a lovely intro message and our super important password boxes.

New cleaner interface!

PasswordScreen - Copy.PNG

With 1.0 we have made a huge attempt to cut the fat off the interface and let you focus on the important things, the things running in your cloud!

To achieve this we remove the old ugly clunky dialog box system and replaced it with a seamless new system that no longer causes issues with copy-pasting!

New box view

The new GUI also comes with a sharpened box view, all the easier to stab those pesky expensive c3.xlarges with.

Per region pricing

Although pricing information is not the main goal of OptimalSpyglass we felt that the old system of one price fits all didn’t fit well with the cross-region functionality of OptimalSpyglass. OptimalSpyglass v1.0 has a new system of pricing that lets you specify your exact costs no matter if we are serving RapidMiner in LA or R in Sydney.

More of the cloud to see

With OptimalSpyglass v1.0 we bring S3, Glacier and DynamoDB to OptimalSpyglass so that we can see a more accurate picture of what we have running.

List view

Some people love excel, so 1.0 brings a little spreadsheet vibe with the new list view.

All in all, we like the new 1.0 version of OptimalSpyglass! We will be back with more until then give us some feedback on what you want from us at, https://github.com/OptimalBI/optimal-spyglass-open-source

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