When you can't change your password.

Shane Miles
July 29, 2014

Recently I had to change my password (as we all do), but on this occasion it didn’t work, while not completely anyway.
This is my story and what I learnt.
I changed my password when prompted during the login process and then logged into SAS Enterprise Guide and changed my saved passwords there as well. ( All good so far )
I then went to check my Optimal SAS Administration (OSA) dashboard, only to find that it had not been updated. ( This is where things started to go wrong )
I logged on to the remote server to investigate, quickly realising that I was using a network share to update the dashboard and the password wouldn’t have updated. ( Simple solution right, or so I thought )
After numerous attempts to change the password by

  • re-adding the network share with the new password
  • deleting the job and re-adding
  • running the job interactively (which worked) then running it in batch again (still didn’t work)
  • changing the name of the dashboard
  • changing the folder the dashboard is in
  • locking my account on numerous occasions

I realised I was beaten and goggled for the answer, to find that Windows has a Credential Manager that stores passwords for automatic logon. ( The answer )

  • I followed these instructions to remove the password


  • Then remapped the share, to save the correct credentials.
  • Then disconnected the mapped share.

A procedure I will no doubt practice over the coming months.
Shane out.


Shane Miles is a certified SAS Administrator who likes blogging about conference food.

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