Why use Blender when you're new to 3D modelling?

Salin Rosna
January 31, 2019

The best way to start learning a new tool is to install and start using it. I previously had no experience using any of the 3D modelling tools, until I started using Blender to create 3D objects for the POC of our latest internal project. I loved it when I started doing 3D modelling, however several questions came to my mind. Am I the right person to do this? Why use Blender when there are heaps of other 3D modelling tools out there?
Well, if you can visualise an object in front of you, maybe a coke can or an apple and spin it around in your mind, then I think this is a right fit for you.

Why use Blender?

The fact that it is free makes it a lot powerful than any other tool. Young artists who want to experiment on their 3D modelling skills need a powerful tool to start where there is no restriction of licensing or payment. Blender is the right choice here. It is developed to be free and could be used for commercial or educational purposes.
Open source
Blender is completely built by the community where you can be a part of it too. The community includes 3D designers, animators, and developers all over the world that contribute to the development of Blender. Also, if you are building your own data visualisation tool you directly integrate it with Blender without having to build the whole foundation. There are tons of features and libraries that come with Blender and can be easily downloaded and used.
Run on any machine
There is no barrier to use Blender. Blender can run on any machine. You can also use Blender on a computer that is a few years old. Blender is very compatible, for example, if you don’t have a computer you can put Blender on a flash drive and use it at a library or any other public computer.
Easy to use
As I mentioned earlier there are tons of features in Blender. So, it won’t be quick to become an expert which I assume would be the same with almost every app. I found it easy to pick up the basics and I am keen to explore more features, which is key to become an expert on a new tool. It is very easy to use once you get your head around it. And there is a lot you can do with it.
Also, you can’t ignore the fact that you need a tutorial to learn a tool. There are heaps of tutorials that help you learn this amazing tool. If you don’t want to pay for a course, you can also rely on YouTube videos. To get started, Google is obviously your friend.

I started by making a ‘sauce bottle’ and I did it by watching YouTube tutorials. It took me a day to finish it. Then I made 2 objects a day and then 3. The number and complexity increased as I got familiar with the tool. If you are making something, it doesn’t matter what you make, how long it takes for you or how good it is. One day you are going to get off the tutorials and start creating on your own.
Keep in mind that Blender is a great tool to get started. But, if you want to become a professional 3D modeller, you won’t get extra points for Blender. You will be compared as equally as anyone else.
Want to get started?  You can download Blender here.

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