Why Webflow is not just another site designer.

Steven Morrison
March 9, 2022

Over my years of web design, I have used many different tools from pure HTML, CSS and JS to WordPress and even Square Space. When I started looking into Webflow I was a bit apprehensive about another no code web-based designer. After I got started playing around with the designer, I was sold.

I have used Adobe products for years and the interface for Webflow was presented in a clean and organized manner this is one of the biggest ticks for me.

Image of the main user interface of the Webflow web interface

After playing around for a while with the basics of the designer, I then started trying some things in a test page in minutes that would take … Well still minutes, but a lot more of them in other web based designers and much more minutes with pure code. It was this that made me want to use more and learn everything I could as fast as I could regarding Webflow this leads into the next point.

Leaning Webflow, this was an easy task for two main reasons. Now when I say learning Webflow has been easy I mean I have found it easy, although with Webflow’s tutorials and step-by-step documentation anyone should be able to pick it up with a bit of time.

The first reason I found Webflow so easy to learn are the similarities between this and other tools. I have used a lot of different tools over the years for non web and web design. This means that picking up a new design tool is not that much of a hurdle for me. I have found that if you can guess where tools and setting are that can be easy to get the ball rolling.

The second reason is the big one. Webflow has its own tutorial section called Webflow University with a lot of the features but into videos and it helps that all the videos can also be found on YouTube. The act of having videos alone is not that special as many platforms do have their own tutorials. What makes the videos from Webflow so good in my opinion is that the videos are done with a bit of comedy. Even with the break from normal tutorial video style they manage to conveying the topics in a clear and easy to follow manner. One of the videos I looked at is below.

Video from Webflow YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCELSb-IYi_d5rYFOxWeOz5g

There are plenty of cool things you can do with ease using Webflow. It is a flexible enough platform to make things that look great without to much work but easy enough that you are not spending time working on all the little things.

I will be working on the odd blog or two based on the cool thins that I find in Webflow so if this is interesting to you stay tuned for them.

Until next time.

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Steven Morrison is a design innovation grad who’s part of the team here at OptimalBI, so you’ll find him squirreling away working on stuff that helps make us look good. 

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