Yellowfin Permissions for CSV Uploads

Daniel Reed
April 2, 2014

We’ve been experimenting with Yellowfin and came across something which we found a little unusual so we contacted their support and they sorted us out. We wanted to control who was able to upload CSV files, specifically making it so you didn’t have to be an administrator to do it.
Under the Administration menu, go to Admin Console. Within this, expand the list of Roles. Click either the role you want to amend or click Add. The first part is the details of the role:

Yellowfin - Role Details

The second part is to choose what the role is allowed to do. This allows you to configure each function and whether or not this role is allowed to execute them.

Yellowfin - Function List

For some functions you will see a some tick boxes:


This allows you to specify whether the user can Create, Read, Update and Delete. This will only appear for the relevant functions. To choose who’s able to upload CSV files, under Report Builder, you need to give them:

Yellowfin - Report Types Checkbox

Yellowfin - CSV Reports Checkbox

Have a play …but maybe not with the admin role.
Keep exploring! – Daniel

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